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08.12.16: Hamilton Field Block Party 2016, Marin IJ, Stephanie Weldy.
08.03.16: 10 Years of Affordable Housing!
05.02.16: Lee County Assessment
10.24.15: Building Stronger Communities (with new photographs)
10.22.15: Under The Lights: Football League for Kids in K-8th Grade
10.13.15: Have Fun While Making a Difference! Ideas for Halloween!
10.11.15: Photographs from our Annual Events
09.12.15: Marin Family Action in Florida! 
08.12.15: 6-Element-Sports 
07.12.15: Steps-2-Stability for ages 17 to Adult 
07.10.15: Hamilton Block Party: August 22, 2015
06.26.15: Hamilton Movie Nights Schedule: 1st and 3rd Fridays of July and August 
03.18.15: Neighborhood Safety: Disaster Resilience Workshop, Unity in Marin, Hamilton, Novato 
2014-2015: Youth Financial Literacy Jamboree
12.25.14: Annual Holiday Gift Giving
09.5.14: Photographs from our Annual Events
10.10.14: Marin Family Shops: Halloween!
08.23.14: Hamilton Annual Block Party
2014: Hamilton Movie Nights Schedule
12.25.13: U.S. Bank Holiday Gift Program 
09.21.13: Hamilton Block Party overview and images
11.11.12: Photographs from our Annual Events
10.10.12: HALLOWEEN! Marin Family Shops
08.04.12: Hamilton Block Party 2012 
10.18.11: Marin's third-quarter foreclosures dip 5 percent,  Will Jason, Marin IJ
Holiday Heroes. 12.15.10: Marin Family Action at Holiday Heroes Event at ATT Park (and the video on YouTube)
11.16.10: Attorney Michael Pines: Savior Or Scam Artist?, NBC Bay Area
10.24.10: Foreclosure Disputes Hit Marin Count System. Will Jason, Marin IJ 
10.07.10: Marin Borrowers Unite Against Mortgage Firms, Amir Efrati, Wall St. Journal
10.05.10: A "Typical" Day in the Mortgage Business,  Faces of Foreclosure
05.29.10:  Marin Family Action, Kyle Cashulin, Pt. Reyes Light
10.20.09: Defaults Keep Growing, Marin Independent Journal
09.28.09: Events Draw Thousands Hoping to Keep Homes, San Francisco Chronicle/SF Gate
Savior or Scam Artist? 08.25.09: Benefit to Help Families Facing Foreclosure, Marin Independent Journal
04.22.09: Marin Foreclosures Up 38% from Last Year, Marin Independent Journal
04.02.09: Group Plans Financial Program for Students, Marin Independent Journal 
03.18.09: Best of the North Bay, The Bohemian: Marin Family Action named Best Nonprofit
12.27.08: Struggle to Fight Foreclosure, Save HomesMarin Independent Journal
(An odyssey of frustrating phone conversations.)
12.10.08: Marin Community Foundation provides $750,000 for local programs: $40,000 to Marin Family Action 
08.12.08: If you are Facing Foreclosure, Here's Help. Jim Staats, Marin Independent Journal
(Manny Fernandez, Marin Family Action)
04.25.2008: Financial literacy program starts, Tamalpais Union High School District. 
02.27.08: Struggle to Fight Foreclosure, Marin Independent Journal: Manny Fernandez, executive director of Marin Family Action, said regardless of changes, the process to help mortgage holders remains "a broken system" of unreceptive mortgage companies, improper dispersal of federal bailout funds and little real help. 
03.23.07: Marin District Attorney's Office participating in pilot program: Financial Skills for Novato High School students.

Disaster Workshops

Throughout the year, workshops are held in Novato and Ft. Myers communities to prepare for disaster. Workshops are announced on this site and through community newspapers.

Participants walk away with:

  • a vision of your community's role in your neighborhood after a disaster
  • tools, templates, resources and next steps for planning for your facility, staff, family and neighbors
  • a start on your Disaster Plan and available support


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Marin Family Action (MFA) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to empower families and individuals to actively participate in improving their quality of life.

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Information herein introduces our programs and is for general guidance only. Marin Family Action staff and volunteers do not engage in legal, accounting, or other professional services. We recommend consulting with professional advisers.


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