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6-Element-Sports in Ft. Myers Florida.

At 6-Element-Sports, located in Ft. Myers, Florida, our mission is to incorporate physical activity and mental focus to increase self-esteem and athletic ability of student athletes. We will also offer Financial Literacy programming for teens and young adults.

Training on the field.Through our programming we hope to give our children the discipline, knowledge, and opportunities to be successful long into their adult lives. Our focus includes a focus on Building Stronger Communiites through sports and community participation.

Our Youth Program is a unique opportunity for children in elementary and middle school to improve motor skill development during the critical years between 6 and 14 years of age. This is the time when nervous systems' plasticity is still high and movement habits have not been ingrained as permanent.

1 in 3 children are obese today. It is our desire to help alleviate this trend.

6 Element Sports Executive Director

Classes during Program 6 Elements. The program takes a goal oriented approach to systematically teaching fundamental athletic movement that can serve as a base for sport skills.

Participants can develop a physical foundation for future improvement by improving coordination, mobility and coordination.

6-Elements-Sports program is a fun action-packed hour in which children have a great time and improve their self-esteem.

Our staff consists of professional credentialed sports performance coaches who provide inspiration in a positive setting.

  • Activities to improve coordination, mobility and stability
  • Developmentally appropriate body weight strength training
  • Instruction on proper running mechanics
  • Energetic and inspirational staff
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Performance nutrition guidelines
  • Goal Setting and character development strategies
  • Team building and leadership exercises
  • Weekly Awards


Coach Bam trained Cullen Perkins on Saturday mornings.

It's All Timing!

Texas School of Football Championship.Coach Bam Watson has known our family many years.

He's coached our son to a Texas School of Football Championship!

I have many great memories, one that stands out and has resonated within our family is Coach Bam's philosophy:

To be early is to be on TIME!
To be on time is to be LATE!
To be late is to be FORGOTTEN!

Coach BamWatson
11521 Mahogany Run
Fort Myers, Florida
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